Bing vs Google: Profound Comparison Between Two Leading Search Engines

google vs bing comparison
google vs bing comparison

Google vs Bing: There will be a watchful rivalry in the upcoming years, especially for marketing professionals to keep pace with the dynamic market. To grow the marketplace over multiple search engines and unlock the true key of bringing traffic to your site.

The dominance of Google as a widely used search engine is hard to break down. Due to efforts spanning more than a decade, it has a sole presence worldwide with a comprehensive scope of Google services and solutions. Also, it is a broadly usable SEO platform for businesses looking to grow their marketplace.

While competitors are a long way off from reaching the boundary of the horizon Google has built, in close proximity, Bing is proving and surfacing as an unbeatable rival for Google. In recent years, Bing has showcased its inimitable services across the globe. Thus, the Microsoft-built search engine – Bing is now tough to refute for individuals as well as digital marketing professionals.

Now, as we know, both are leading search engines devoted to satisfying users’ informational needs. Hence, the comparison is something that comes into existence.

Let’s dive into the topic of Google vs Bing.

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Google vs Bing: Basic Comparison

Billions of queries, information, and general research are conducted via systematic search engine navigation. The mentioned data affirms the usage of search engines across the globe in a single day. Consequently, deeming an increase in rivalry is ubiquitous. So, we are witnesses to booming competition between Google and Bing.

Let’s go on the flashback and get some basics about Google and Bing:


Google, a well-known multinational IT service provider, doesn’t require the traditional introduction lines. Thus, let’s start with its commencement.

The foundation of Google was laid by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the midst of their Ph.D. studies at Stanford University. In the year 1998, on September 4th, it officially announced its presence. Another observable aspect of Google is its name etymology. The term ‘Google’ originated from the word ‘Googol.’ However, when attempting to secure the domain name ‘,’ it was unavailable, prompting a change to ‘Google’.

As a multinational company, Google has a physical presence in a bunch of countries and operates its headquarters as a Googleplex, which is located in Mountain View, California, USA.

In the year 2015, Google underwent a restructuring process during which it established its parent company, Alphabet Inc.


Bing, is one of the leading search engine platforms launched by the renowned tech company Microsoft in 2009. Steve Ballmer (Founder of Microsoft) graduated from Harvard University in 1977. While pursuing a degree from Stanford University, he dropped out of school and co-founded Microsoft.

Initially, Microsoft came up with a search engine platform named “Live Search” in 2006. And struggled to compete with Google and Yahoo. Afterward, to revolutionize the user search experience, they invented a decision search called “Bing”.

A 10-year agreement between Microsoft and Yahoo! was reached in 2009, and as of 2012, Bing will be the dominant force driving Yahoo! Search worldwide. Bing’s market share was small in comparison to Google’s hegemony, even though it rose to become the second-largest search engine in the United States.

Google vs Bing Market Share Comparison

As we can see in the above chart, Google has consistently sustained its dominance. However, compared to 2022, due to tough competition, Google has faced a decline in shares from 84.8% to 83.49%. On the other hand, Microsoft has made some incremental gains.

If we combine the share covered by Google and Bing, it will be more than 90% of the global search engine market share. And this is huge.

Google and Bing Based on Global Ranking:

google vs bing

Traffic and Engagement Comparison:

Traffic and Engagement Comparison

Google and Bing’s Usage in Top Countries:

Google and Bing’s Usage in Top Countries

Google vs Bing SEO Based Comparison

We regularly engage in SEO activities, focusing on Google as a result-driven platform, which is true. However, it’s time to be fair and not overlook the conversions and user base of Bing.

Let’s look at what makes them different and stronger than each other from an SEO perspective.

Features of Bing and Google:




Text Search



Voice Search



Image Search






Market place



Alerts &Notifications 


















SEO Factors: Bing vs Google

SEO Factors Bing vs Google

Keyword Research:

  • Both search engines are designed to work with the dependency of keywords in order to get a comparative understanding of web pages. When talking about the process of keywords being followed by both search engines, then Google emphasizes semantic search, understanding the context and intent behind the search queries.

  • However, Bing Bing also uses semantic search but may give slightly more importance to exact match keywords.


  • Google and Bing are using web crawlers in order to be aware of and discover newly added and updated web pages.
  • Google uses Googlebot for crawling; similarly, Bing uses Bingbot for web crawling
  • Googlebot crawls websites with frequent updates and scans. Whereas, if we see, Bingbot crawls web pages based on their relevance and high quality.


  • Both Google and Bing prioritize and focus on backlinks as a crucial factor for domain authority and page authority.
  • Google emphasizes the importance of backlinks on relevant websites with high-quality content.
  • Bing, like Google, prioritizes backlinks, but it places higher importance on .edu, .org, and .gov domain backlinks.
  • The perspective on judging backlinks differs between Google and Bing, with each search engine having its own criteria for evaluating the quality and relevance of backlinks.

Social Media Signal:

  • Google denies the importance of social media signals in its ranking algorithm.
  • Bing assigns significant importance to social media signals in its ranking criteria.
  • Bing considers social sites mentioned on websites, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others.
  • The contrast in approaches highlights the differing perspectives on the significance of social signals between Google and Bing.

Who Wins from Google and Bing?

Google and Bing are coming a long way to satisfy the dynamic needs of users to gather information to assimilate. Millions of users depend on Google to extract information and do research on respective topics. However, Microsoft Bing is making steady progress, which can’t be denied. 

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