Boost Your Sales with these Top 5 Video Sales Platforms

Boost Your Sales with these Top 5 Video Sales Platforms
Boost Your Sales with these Top 5 Video Sales Platforms


Delivering personalized services is all that today’s customers demand. Reinforcing marketing and sales strategies and transitioning to a more personalized approach through video sales platforms is an optimal selection. Businesses can leverage various benefits, right from converting leads into clients and beyond.

Sending emails and newsletters kind of stuff becomes a boring and outdated approach. Isn’t it? And expecting results and conversions can sometimes be challenging to achieve.

The booming market of video sales is one of the growing and result-oriented strategies for marketers and sales professionals can embrace. Video sales platforms help businesses to create personalized short and long videos for their clients.

Video Sales Platforms

What is a Video Sales Platforms?

Video sales platforms empower businesses to boost their sales effortlessly by creating personalized videos. Additionally, these platforms enable businesses to distribute videos to clients or potential clients while tracking their performance.

With user-friendly steps, video sales platforms help businesses produce engaging and visually appealing videos that effectively increase sales, foster customer relationships, and build brand awareness. Furthermore, the platforms offer additional features such as analytics, allowing users to track and measure video performance and effectiveness. This valuable data aids users in improving their content and reaching out to a wider audience.

How Can Video Sales Platforms Fuel Business Growth?

  • Better Engagement: In this fast-paced world, video is one of the most engaging mediums for capturing viewers’ attention, delivering messages more effectively compared to static images or extensive text. Video sales platforms allow businesses to attract their targeted audience and effectively communicate their offerings to them.


  • Increase Conversion Rate: More engagement leads to a higher possibility of conversion. When customers have a thorough understanding of products or services through videos, they are more likely to connect with them. And develop a desire to learn more. This ultimately increases the conversion rate.


  • Strengthen the Customer Relationship: Keeping maintaining relationships with existing customers is equally important. Video sales platforms offer businesses this opportunity. By sending them personalized videos, businesses can connect with customers at a personal level. Moreover,  boost client loyalty and long-term relationship.


  • Expand Reach: Video sales platforms enable businesses to share engaging videos across various channels, including social media, websites, and more. This allows businesses to effortlessly reach potential customers and expand their audience.

Top Video Sales Platforms to Choose in 2023

Video Sales Platform

BombBomb is a world-changing tool designed for sales professionals to communicate by harnessing the power of video. Its easy-to-use features such as email editors help in creating and sending emails that easily build trust and engage leads.

Besides, tracking email opes, link clicks and video views stay professionals informed about the progress. This video for the sales platform provides high-level integration with Gmail and Outlook for a seamless workflow.

GlimpseVideo is a cutting-edge video sales platform that helps businesses build trust faster. This growing platform creates engaging sales videos and enables sales professionals to post and email messages from any device, including smartphones and desktops.

GlimpseVideo offers unlimited web recording for videos up to 3 minutes long. It allows businesses to upload and share videos with 1500 contacts via a CSV file, and they can also add a call-to-action button.

Real-time view notifications, tracking reports, recorded videos, and email scheduling are some of the common features of GlimpseVideo.

In response to the digitalization era, CoVideo has pioneered an exceptionally advanced video sales platform. With a mission to achieve 10 times more traction than traditional text-based methods, CoVideo focuses on leveraging the power of video to drive impactful results.

CoVideo makes it easier for businesses to achieve higher conversion rates by increasing response rates and keeping prospects engaged.

This handy tool allows the sales team to capture screens or record themselves, making it perfect for tutorials, presentations, or any other video content that the business wants to create. Its easy-to-use email interface makes it a breeze to send videos via email to individuals or groups of recipients.

Improving sales strategies for better sales results and conversions is a standard approach. Adding the Videoform, a sales video creation tool is one brilliant strategy. This all-in-one video sales platform is a helping hand for businesses to create engaging customized videos with ease.

Vidyard is one of the leading sales video software designed with the aim to close more deals in less time. It makes easier for sales professionals to create engaging, personalized, and customized videos throughout the sales cycle. Vidyard is an ideal platform to embrace.

To date, 250,000 companies have already adopted Vidyard to craft sales videos. It helps bring more impact and stand out in prospects’ inboxes, increases the reply rate, and makes it easy to share on various platforms, including email, LinkedIn, and others.

From the List of Sales Video Platforms Choose Your Preferred One

The ultimate goal of all video sales platforms is to enable businesses to reach the maximum number of target customers and showcase their products, services, or solutions through engaging videos.

The mentioned top video sales platforms not only assist your business in sending videos but also empower you to track your video performance more effectively.



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